D Reed & Associates PLLC

Forming Your New Business

Looking to start your own LLC, enter into a partnership, start your own C Corporation, or even your own Non-Profit.  We can help.

Although other large big box companies will file your initial paperwork to get your business formed, there is more work to be done.  Before setting out on starting the business, we ask the tough questions that need answers to make sure you are properly setup and will get the best tax benefit possible:

How will you get paid as an owner?
Will you have employees?
How do you want to be taxed?
What are the plans to what this company looks like in 5 years?

These are all questions that require answers that "the other folks" won't ask or even attempt to assist in answering because that is not their line of work.

If you want experienced help and getting your business setup correctly,, Contact Us.